AniVatio ProJoint is clinically proven to support new cartilage growth

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ProJoint is THE most effective canine joint supplement on the market.

Clinically proven to be 2.3x more effective than market leading joint care supplements for:

  • Use For Joint Maintenance

    • Supports continued renewal of joint cartilage
    • Supports youthful activity into old age 
    • Clinically tested for joint support
    • Optimise the career of working dogs and show dogs
  • Use to Support Joint Health

    • Clinically proven to support new cartilage growth
    • Supports continued growth of joint cartilage
    • Visible differences after 30/60/90 days 
    • Supports quality of life and playful movement
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The science behind ProJoint

See how ProJoint made with UC-II® collagen, supports new cartilage growth.

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